Also in English

The work I do with each family and individual is tailored to their particular needs. I usually have an initial visit in the person’s home to evaluate their needs and we start working directly from there. This first session lasts 1-2 hours and it´s done at people´s homes as I believe working in the natural environment is the best approach.

We keep regular contact between sessions via Whatsapp and e-mail, to solve queries about strategies, general doubts and details about how to implement them.

I work in Valencia but other areas may be considered and I am happy to work in either Spanish or English. 

There is also the option of working on-line, through Skype and e-mail. Training courses are also available on-line.

I can help you with the following areas:

·   Autism: Psychoeducational intervention both, in natural environments and in clinic, with children and adults. The work aims to help people with ASD and their families from a PFCP (Person and Family Centered Planning) approach.

·    Behaviours that challenge in children and young adults.

·    Family dynamics.

·    Learning difficulties: dyslexia, ADHD, etc.

·    Bullying and other issues arising from the educational environment.

·    Emotional difficulties.

·    Family changes: divorce/ separation, grief…

·    Training courses, workshops and talks for groups (parents, professionals, teachers…).

·    And loads more!

You can contact me for further information or if you have any queries or suggestions at any of the following or filling in the boxes below.